This is AUPEO! Personal Radio

Company Overview

Founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2008, AUPEO! is a leading technology platform and service provider for audio content streaming with global reach that serves both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) customers with cutting edge streaming technology and know-how.

For the consumer, AUPEO! provides personalized content for people on the go. AUPEO! is a market leading music and audio streaming experience that learns its users’ listening preferences and compiles individual radio programs for each listener. AUPEO! is multi-format and multi-channel with diverse content and a wide distribution ecosystem that creates an end-to-end service enabling users to listen to their individualized programming on each and any of the connected devices they use such as cell-phones, TVs, cars and so on.

For businesses, AUPEO! provides its streaming platform and technologies to integrate with their products. In addition, AUPEO! has developed additional services to provide new ways for businesses to enhance their customer relationships.

As a preferred partner of the automotive industry, AUPEO!’s solutions enhance the connected car experience. As both a platform, content provider and content aggregator, AUPEO! focuses on developing unique technologies for in-vehicle use cases to simplify the challenges facing automakers when integrating cloud audio content globally to offer drivers a seamless and high-quality experience. AUPEO’s products and services are available today in cars from the following OEMs: BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Honda and Toyota and have recently been announced on upcoming Ford and Audi vehicles. In the aftermarket AUPEO’s services are available for Pioneer and JVC Kenwood devices.

Catering to the needs of its B2B customers, AUPEO! is continually expanding its geographical reach with operations in the US, Japan and China and content and streaming licenses for more than 50 countries worldwide.



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